General overiview

The European Affairs Communication Department of the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic sets a target to mediate information about the European Union to the general public through the Integrated Information System. The System is based on the website Euroskop, a network consisting of 13 regional Eurocenters and a free hotline for general information enquiries on the EU, Eurofon 800 200 200. The Department also organizes conferences and seminars to discuss European issues. Since 2009, the Office of the Czech Republic Government has cooperated withthe Delegation of the European Commission in the Czech Republic withinthe so-called Strategic Partnership. Every year the Department creates a Strategic Plan on EU Affairs and Communication in the Czech Republic, which establishes communication priorities for the Government in the field of European affairs in a concrete year. The Committee for the EU of the Czech Government approves the Strategic plan every year. It is available for download on the Euroskop website. The head of the European Affairs Communication Department is JUDr. Mgr. Igor BLAHUŠIAK, Ph. D. Contact for the European Affairs Information Department secretariat:; tel.: +420 224 002 739. Autor: Euroskop