Traveling to the Czech Republic

Jihočeský kraj: České Budějovice, Český Krumlov Jihomoravský kraj: Brno Karlovarský kraj: Karlovy Vary Liberecký kraj: Liberec Plzeňský kraj: Plzeň Středočeský kraj: Kutná Hora, Karlštejn Praha: Historic City Centre

Helpful Hints for travelling in the Czech Republic

Religion The Czech Republic is the most atheistic country in the European Union, although many different faiths exist (primarily in Prague). The most predominant is Roman Catholicism, but there are plenty of English speaking churches of various faiths in Prague should you wish to attend worship services while on vacation. The Czech Language If your time in the Czech Republic is limited to visiting Prague and/or Cesky Krumlov, and you speak English, you will be perfectly comfortable for the entirety of your visit. If you plan to visit some of the regions outside of Prague to see castles or villages, knowing Czech becomes much more useful. Of course, google translate will work anywhere there is internet, but having a general idea of what you need to ask before you try to say it always helps. That being said, you will have a much easier time, and be seen as more culturally respectful, if you learn a few words of Czech. Here are some of the most used/common below:
  • Hello/Goodbye… Ahoj
  • Goodbye… Nashledanou
  • Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening… Dobré Ráno/Odpoledne/Večer
  • Good Day… Dobrý Den
  • Beer…Pivo
  • Thank you… Děkuji
  • Yes…Ano
  • No…Ne
  • I am sorry… Je me líto, Omlouvám se
  • Pardon Me… Pardon
  • Please/Of course…Prosím
Blow your nose Sniffle all day
Say Hello and goodbye to strangers in the elevator Be surprised when strangers do not smile at you when they catch your eye (Americans)
Seat yourself in a restaurant Forget to ask your waiter for the Check – otherwise it will never come
Tip your waiter 10% Leave cash on the restaurant table
Give up your train seat to children, the elderly, and pregnant women Get on a train without a valid pass or ticket or speak loudly on public transportation. EVER.
Exchange your money into czech crowns (cards are not accepted everywhere) Use a currency exchange vender or ATM from a company/bank you do not recognize. They may overcharge you.
Have a valid ID on you always (passport for non-EU citizens) Give anyone your SSN or passport ID numbers for any reason
Refer to the Czech Republic as Central Europe Tell Czechs how ‘Russian’ their accent sounds, or refer to the Czech Republic as Eastern Europe

The Actionbound App

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Autor: Allison Carpenter, Euroskop